Personal record of Hermann Neuhaus


08.13.1908                            Born in Letmathe/Westfalen

1914 – 1922                           Primary & Secondary School

1922 – 1930                           Studies at  Musicschool Luedenscheid

                                        with Musicdirector W. Huhn

                                                      During this time private studying at:     

                                                           Mr. A. Stroedel in Hagen

                                       Mr. H. Mueller in Mannheim

                                       Mr. O. Barth in Heidelberg


                                                          Final examination Grade  B                            

During his studies and afterwards he played the trumpet at the Orchestra Luedenscheid.


05.01.1931 – 06.30.1931              Trumpeter at Orchestra Arnstadt

                                      Director.: Stadtkapellmeister H. Kaiser

05.01.1933 – 05.15.1936               1.Trumpeter at Orchestra Koblenz

                                      Director: General-Music director Dr. G. Koslik

05.15.1936 – 11.30.1936               1. Trumpeter at Orchestra Bern (Switzerland)

                                      with various conductors

12.01.1936 – 08.31.1939              1.Trumpeter at Orchestra Wuppertal

                                      with various conductors

09.01.1939 – 08.31.1971              Member of Guerzenich Orchestra and Orchestra of  Town theatres Cologne

                                                        from 1939 to 1951 as the 1.Trumpeter

                                        Directors Mr. GMD Otto Ackermann

      Mr. GMD Karl Dammer

      Mr. GMD Richard Kraus

      Mr. GMD Eugen Papst

      Mr. GMD Josef Rosenstock

      Mr. GMD Wolfgang Sawallisch

      Mr. GMD Prof. Guenther Wand


From 1947 on he started to work as municipal chamber musician and was also engaged as lecturer at the municipal college of music in Cologne until 1951. Under the influence of working with his students Hermann Neuhaus composed 5 orchestra studies on Verdis operas and various symphonies and stage plays.


Hermann Neuhaus was a highly demanded musician. Various orchestras asked him to help out many times as the municipal orchestras of Aachen, Bonn, Duesseldorf and Koblenz did. He also was a popular guest trumpeter at the symphony orchestra West Germany’s broadcasting corporation.


He still kept in touch with friends in Montreux, Switzerland where he spent some time before World War II and was invited by them several times.


He had a talent to work with young students so he didn’t hesitate when Dr. Verdin - Director of the municipal music school Leverkusen - asked him to join their team and give trumpet lessons. After gaining experiences with his students Hermann Neuhaus composed a detailed booklet of how to play the trumpet and additional several pieces “For The Young Trumpeter”. Both publications were supported by his son Klaus-Michael Neuhaus.


For the love of music he overtook the honorary position as conductor of MC-Kapelle Cologne-Niel for many years.


In 1955 he gathered connections to hunting-horn groups and soon he was asked to the position of musical advisor and instructor. His strong bonding to hunting and hunters made him aspire to gain a game licence and to become a hunter himself.


Hermann Neuhaus wrote a high quantity of demanding music pieces which are part of every hunting-horn group repertoire inside and outside of Germany.


He definitely filled a perceptible lack by writing many revisions, editing papers and being involved in musical education and finally developing a shift valve for parfocehorns together with Mr Meinl.


Hermann Neuhaus died December 22nd 1980.